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…which at Buonconvento had a very important landmark, Percenna, a charming country house that stands on the ruins of a castle built in 1200 and boasts a privileged location as it is nestled in the Crete Senesi with its cypresses and olive groves neatly arranged on one side and overlooking the quaint Buonconvento.

It is tradition that Percenna was an ancient noble land, as it was used as a place of residence of a great vicar whose jurisdiction was dependent on Valdarbia.

The village has been restored maintaining and enhancing the original materials, such as iron and wooden floors and houses the church of San Lorenzo in Percenna.

On two floors the interior retains a rustic and chic atmosphere.

The excellent geographical location in which it is located is a great advantage for organising day trips to many places of great historical and artistic interest in the surrounding area.


Explaning an emotion..

There is one single place in the world where daily life is fully reflected in the sublime in amazing intermingling between nature and culture...Tuscany.


Stendhaldescribes the beauty of a land that has remained intact over the centuries and which still preserves a landscape only marked by the change in seasons. Sinking here onto a natural terrace overlooking the green shadiness of Val D'Arbia and the sunny reverberations of cretaceous soils in the Siena district stands Percenna.


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